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Lights, replacement lamps, and most equipment are available to ship to Norway.
The Super Spectrum Hood comes in a large box, 28" X 27" X 13". (71cm X 68.5cm X 33cm)
All lights shipped to Norway are automatically wired for 240 volts.

Some fertilizers may be shipped to Norway.
The 3R Lighting Co. does not guarantee Norwegian Customs will clear all organic fertilizers.

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We apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time our security department will not allow European Credit Cards. The system is only set up to verify addresses in the USA.

We can accept Money Orders denominated in US Dollars.

Mailing Address:

The 3R Lighting Company
Box 752
University Station
Portland, OR 97207 USA

Please e-mail howdy@3rlighting.com for price quotes including shipping.
Corespondence in English, please. (Bad English is OK.) It can take us up to a week to translate inquiries in Norwegian.

Norwegian Customs may impose additional charges. Any additional Customs or duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

There is often a ceiling for mail order merchandise to avoid duties based on dollar value. If you place multiple orders on different days, each order will be shipped independently with an independent set of paperwork.
***Please Note: This does not constitute legal advice, diplomatic advice, or accounting advice; all customer orders must conform with both Norwegian and US law.

Most Shipping Companies and USPS treat all Shipments from the US to Norway as one shipping Zone. Narvik and Oslo are all in the same zone.

In General, there is an extra charge of $100 (US) per box to ship to Norway over the USA prices shown on the USA Pages. The Super Spectrum Hood Box is oversized and carries an extra $200 charge.

The Shopping Cart utility allows you to print off an order form with the USA delivered prices automatically calculated. Simply click "Print" off the top bar of the browser instead of "Proceed to Secure Server".




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